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  Hello and welcom wow server Wow-Toxic !!!

Warning !!!  Server is steal under construction buth u can join the server..!!!

Just go to guestbook read folowing instructions how to connect our server....
If u have any questions or problems whit connection to our server

post in forum or try to connect to ADMIN hee will help u 100%

Custom vendor's,all trainers and weapon masters, no bags, max_lvl 150, helpful GM's and Admin,

all quests work,Xp drop...100% !!!

admin:skype [freakfreak40]

gm:skype [satans969]

1.Alliance mall in Stromwind city [Stormwind Keep]

2.Horde mall in Orgrimmar [ Arena Temple]

U can see some mall Screen's,and our pets here :D  << Фотоальбом >>

If u whana see some RAID,PVP,WoW-DANCE,or World of WarCraft History videos ? thean go to  << Site Info >>

Our favorit is History !!! We hope u like Videos...


Server realmlist <<  Set realmlist  >>

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